Should I Buy a MacBook or a Windows Laptop?

Do you want to buy a laptop and asking yourself, should I buy a MacBook or a Windows laptop? Let us answer your query.

The first thing to consider is not the brand but its technology and specifications. You have to pick between the two most popular and big operating systems: Apple and Windows. Macs are extremely popular in the world, but Windows holds the top rank in the laptop world. There are a lot of differences between these two operating systems. Hence, it is very difficult to choose between these two. The hardware in Mac is made by Apple, which is generally expensive, but the quality is more sophisticated and stable. While Windows PCs are designed by a number of companies.

Should I Buy a MacBook or a Windows Laptop?

You have to keep in mind that Mac applications only run in Mac systems, you cannot run them on Windows. So, there are many aspects to look at before deciding to buy a Mac or Windows laptop. We will look at all these aspects in detail one by one.

Let us start without any further delay.

Difference between Mac and Windows

MacBooks are a contribution of Apple to the latest technology of laptops. The line-up consists of MacBook pro and Mack Book Air. Both are sleek, stylish, and fast machines. The Pro is a modern and up-to-date machine ideal for professionals. It comes with high-quality specifications with an excellent display to provide a premium experience to the users.

The MacBook Air is a “Lite” version as compared to the “Pro.” It features fewer hardware specifications but is a lot slimmer and feather-light than the “Pro” version.

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Now looking at the Windows laptops, they are manufactured and designed by a plethora of companies. Many of these manufacturers are reputable such as Microsoft, which has designed a Windows Surface Pro Line laptop. ASUS is another popular brand that is also famous for its ZenBooks. Besides these companies, there are tons of smaller manufactures that offer less expensive and bare-bones machines to users. Windows laptops are versatile and contain a wide range of capabilities. So, both operating systems are good at different aspects.

1- Design:

  • MacBook

Apple always spent a good amount on the design. Every laptop is made beautiful, stylish, and robust. Apple uses very less plastic as compared to its competitors. The keyboard of Apple’s laptop feels more smooth and ergonomic. The design of Apple’s laptop is so successful that they don’t need to change it in the past ten years. Their laptops only get slimmer and more refined time by time. MacBooks are designed to last, so MacBooks will be an excellent choice in terms of design and looks.

  • Windows

Because of so many Windows laptop manufacturing companies, you will easily find a laptop that suits almost all tastes. Some high-end models are available in the market matching the MacBook’s design, for example, the New Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It is super slim, and its keyboard is extraordinary to type on.

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In contrast to this, there are also cheap and low-end laptops available in the market. But sometimes, they are mostly made from plastic and are clunky with hard-to-use trackpads.


2- Gaming:

  • MacBooks

Besides professional users and developers, if you are a gamer and play heavy games, then MacBook will do a disservice. There are no efforts spent on the gaming aspect in MacOS, and it seems this will not change sooner.

  • Windows

As compared to MacBooks, Windows laptops are specially designed to handle all high-end and newest games easily. They are equipped with high graphics cards and faster RAM for providing the best gaming experience. Alienware is a famous company known for making these types of gaming laptops.


3- Professional Use:

  • MacBook

The best thing to notice in MacOS laptops is that they come with excellent photo and video editing software. They also have some other creative suites free of cost straight out of the box. The free suites have far-reaching capabilities and are very easy to learn. The only drawback here is that the text editing and spreadsheet software is less powerful than the Office suite. Buy a Microsoft package or use the built-in applications, which are still better than the Windows laptop.

  • Windows

Windows has a variety of specialists and classic creative editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. But none of these software are available on the factory-installed windows. Purchasing this software can cost hundreds of dollars, while the normal windows machine may not even handle this software.


4- Price:

  • MacBook

All Apple products are notoriously expensive, whether it is iPhone or MacBook. They offer some serious high-end devices as compared to its competitors. The new MacBook Pro is available at almost $2499, while the cheapest MacBook Air costs around $1000.

  • Windows

Once again, we are unable to summarize the price of a Windows laptop because there are thousands of models available out there. The cheapest Windows laptops are available for under $300. They can perform all basic and everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, and transferring and sharing files, etc. Going higher in the price ranges from $500 to $1100 can handle all high-end programs easily.

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If you are searching for the best windows laptop, then UltraBooks is the best choice to buy. They are super-high specification machines that cost around $1000 and are equipped with the best hardware to support all the heavy stuff easily.

So, we have known that either the Windows laptop will be much cheaper or more expensive in comparison with MacBooks. It all depends upon the Windows model you are looking for.



After looking at all the important aspects of both operating systems of laptops, we will recommend you the MacBook laptop. It will provide you with a fast, robust, no-stress user experience. The MacBook is definitely not designed for gaming purposes. If you are a gamer, buy a Windows laptop without any further thinking as it is the only option. Otherwise, the MacBook is a better choice and will last for decades. Hope this guide will clear your mind about what to buy: a MacBook or a Windows laptop.

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