How To Remove A Stripped Screw From A Laptop?

We hope you have never got stuck in the problem of how to remove a stripped screw from a laptop. It often happens when you are repairing or just looking at the inside structure of the laptop. You may get problems with screws. A lot of people face the problem of damaging the screw or screw getting stripped.

How To Remove A Stripped Screw From A Laptop?

The laptop screw is very small in size and only works with specific screwdrivers. If you use the wrong sized or an over-tightened screwdriver, the head of the screw can damage and strip.

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Then there is no way to turn or control the screw. It is a very critical and serious issue because if the screw is damaged once, there are fewer chances to fix it. We are here to give you the possible solutions of how to remove a stripped screw from a laptop. You don’t have to worry anymore.

Let’s discuss the steps of removing the stripped screw one by one.

1- Using a Screwdriver:

  • First of all, increase the grip of your screwdriver. If you are still not able to grip the screw using a screwdriver, try last time with some instructions in mind.
  • Dry the screw for 10 to 15 minutes if it is fastened with metal like WD40 or spray-on Oil.
  • Now use the best compatible screw size to fix the screw.
  • For extra grip, you can also grip the handle of a screw with a wrench if it is possible.
  • You can also use a cloth or any material for gaining extra grip. You can cover up the screwdriver if it is not picking up the best grip. Then press it into the spot.
  • To get the screwdriver into the place, you can also use a hammer. Tap the screwdriver softly so that it does not break its screw head. It is a good and best option to remove a stripped screw.
  • Or you can apply the square #1 drill and then, after that, use a hammer until the screw head is getting moved.
  • Now push the screw harder in the opposite direction and rotate it with your forearm.


If your screwdriver is slippery, do not try this method because it will wear down the screw head. Then it would be harder to remove the stripped screw.

2- Using an Elastic band:

It is a good and effective way to remove the stripped screw from a laptop using an Elastic band. An elastic belt surface helps in holding the screwdriver in place inside the broken area.

  • It can be done using elastic or rubber bands such as a piece of a cycle or car tube. This will make the job easy as rubber or elastic gives the maximum holding power.
  • Place the elastic, press it tightly to make sure that enough pressure is produced. So that the elastic rubber can stick tight to the screw.
  • In case if the screw is a little damaged, then this rubber band is the best option to remove the stripped screw from a laptop.

3- Super Glue Method:

If the above-mentioned two methods do not work, then use this method.

This procedure is very simple. Apply some glue to the head of the screw. Place your screwdriver on the head of the screw and let the glue dry. Now turn your driver to detach the screw.

After removing the screw, clean the glue from the areas of the screw.

4- Use Aluminum foil:

Using aluminum foil is another safe way to remove the stripped screw from a laptop. Simply put the piece of aluminum foil over the screw and then use the compatible screwdriver. This will provide a firm grip and fill the hole in the screw. In this way, you can easily remove the stripped screw from a laptop.

5- Using an Extractor:

You can use special “extractor” drills to remove the stripped screw from a laptop. You can easily buy these extractors from the market or shop them online. It is a useful option to remove the broken screw.

6- Use Pliers:

Most laptop screws are difficult to grip with pliers, but you can use the pointy-nosed pliers to grip the screw tightly. Use a light grip to protect against the breaking and damaging of the screw. These soft laptop screws do not handle much pressure as compared to the metal or typical screws. Use some finesse and keep turning the screw until removed completely.

7- Change the Screwdriver size:

Stop removing the stripped screw from your laptop the moment it begins to strip. As the laptop screws are soft, keep all the things in your control. Changing the screwdriver might help you in grabbing the head of a screw more firmly. So, you can also try this tactic to remove the stripped screw from a laptop.

If it does not work, change the screwdriver from Phillips’s head to flathead style. The indentations do not fit exactly when the screw strips. So switching the screwdriver to a simple one can help you to gain a grip on the head.

Continue changing the sizes until the screwdriver holds and turns the head. In case this method fails, then the screw of your laptop is likely fully stripped. The screwdriver alone is not the solution now.


In this particular guide, we have looked at different methods to solve the common issue when repairing the laptop. The issue is how to remove a stripped screw from a laptop. No doubt the stripped screws bring so much annoyance with them. But there is no need to worry or panic if you face this situation.

We have tested and discussed some effective methods and tools for the successful removal of stripped screws. The main thing to notice is that you have to perform all the steps with patience and extra care.

We reiterate that if you fear performing these methods or have no tools, don’t do it yourself. Go to the expert laptop technician to get this problem done instantly.

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