How to play Xbox one on laptop screen with HDMI

We all know that the Xbox one is a beast for modern gaming, which is providing a newer high-quality experience to the gamers. How to play Xbox one on laptop screen with HDMI, Xbox one is designed and manufactured by Microsoft, which supports HDR and 4K and takes gaming to a whole new level. The Xbox one is attached to an LCD or smart TV screen, but recently computers and laptops are becoming an alternative for this purpose. By linking this console with your laptop, it becomes convenient to use and portable. Moreover, you don’t have to buy a separate flat screen for playing your favorite thrilling games. 

If you have a laptop and an Xbox one, you can easily use your laptop as a monitor to play Xbox one games. But for this purpose, there are some steps and instructions to be followed. Let us discuss all the steps one by one on how to play Xbox one on a laptop screen with HDMI.

How to connect Xbox one to laptop

To connect your Xbox One to your laptop, you will need the following things.

  •  Xbox One.
  • HDMI Cable.
  •  A Laptop in which an HDMI connection is available.


Now before connecting, there are several things that you should clearly know about HDMI.

HDMI is referred to as High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a digital interface used to transmit audio and video to other devices through a cable. One of the best things about HDMI is that it does not impair audio or video quality. Instead, if the device has a good display and speakers, you will find extraordinary graphics and performance.

HDMI cables are mostly used for screening DVD players, TVs, and gaming consoles. To enhance the quality of HDMI, type-C port HDMI cables are available for faster and easier connection.

There are two types of HDMI, and you should know the difference between them.

HDMI Inputs

This is the important aspect of connecting your Xbox to a laptop with HDMI. There is a big and clear difference between HDMI input and HDMI output.

HDMI input is generally found in digital TVs, home theaters, etc. These devices are specially designed for receiving input of video and audio that is transmitted. Gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and A/V receivers are some examples of HDMI input.

If your laptop has no HDMI input facility, you can also connect to a laptop through the Xbox application. This will be done via a normal network connection like LAN/WLAN.

There was no possibility of connecting Xbox to laptop in the early days because your machine had no HDMI input facility. But now, you can connect them through the Xbox app easily.

HDMI Output

HDMI output works to feed video and video signals in HDMI input. It generates a connection between digital devices and HDMI inputs.

Connecting your Xbox to a Laptop via HDMI

Connecting your Xbox one to a laptop with HDMI is an easy and simple task. First of all, turn off your gaming console and make sure all games and programs are closed.

Also, there should be no installing and downloading in the background. In case some important applications are running in the background, then wait for them to complete. Once they get done, now you are good to go.

Now check the HDMI cable whether it is working properly or not. Then connect one end of the HDMI port to your Xbox one HDMI port located at the back of the console.

Make sure there is an HDMI port on your laptop. In today’s modern laptops mostly come with a built-in HDMI port. In case your laptop doesn’t contain that port, then there is also a solution for it. Purchase an HDMI adapter from any nearby computer shop.

Now plug the other end of HDMI into your laptop HDMI port. When both devices are connected properly to each other, next, turn on your gaming console. Wait until it notifies you that the connection has been placed. It takes a few minutes and then detects your laptop.

If it does not detect your laptop and takes too much time, don’t be panic. Go to the display settings of your laptop and change some necessary settings according to the need.

These are some basic steps of connecting Xbox to laptop via HDMI port. Now enjoy the perfect and ultra-high gaming resolution.

It is important to remember that you can’t connect both devices using HDMI output only. For broadcasting the game, both HDMI input and output must be connected.

Connecting your Xbox Wirelessly to the Laptop

As we have already discussed, some dedicated laptops are not equipped with HDMI input connections. Therefore, this method is also worth mentioning.

It is also an easy and simple way to connect your Xbox to the laptop. For this method, you will need the following things.

  • Xbox One.
  • A Wi-Fi connection.
  • A laptop having Windows 10 installed.

Download the Xbox application from anywhere without any cost.

Launch the application and sign in to your account. If you have no account, you have to register yourself by creating a new one.

Once you log in to your account, you will see the setting option on the top left side of the dashboard. Turn on the game streaming options from there.

Once you enable the game streaming option, you will see the “connect” button. Click it, and you will be connected.

One important thing to keep in mind during this whole process is that you must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your devices are connected to different networks, you have to manually enter the exact IP address in both devices.


The methods mentioned above answer the question about how to play Xbox One on a laptop screen with HDMI. Through this simple and easy procedure, you can instantly connect your Xbox with a laptop.

Still, you have the choice to connect them wirelessly if you don’t like to indulge yourself in cables. But for wireless connection, you must have installed Windows 10. We hope this information will definitely help you to enjoy the Xbox gaming experience on a laptop screen.

Big LCD and LED screens were considered compulsory for playing Xbox One games before. But now, it is not that necessary because you can also enjoy it on your laptop screen.

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