How To Play PS4 Games On PC Without Remote Play?


How to play PS4 games on PC without remote play? The answer is yes, you can play PS4 games on your laptop easily without any remote. In this article, we are going to discuss this matter in detail. For understanding it better, let’s get straight into the article.

How To Play PS4 Games On PC Without Remote Play?

Sony announced the Remote play feature in late 2018 for Windows 10. However, it needs a lot of pre-requisites, such as lightning-fast Wi-Fi with at least 15 Mbps downloading speed.

Moreover, it also requires a sluggish response of the PS4 controller, which is very disturbing. All of these problems can be eliminated easily if we use any capture card such as Elgato HD60s.

You can play PS4 games on a laptop without a remote, and in this case, your laptop’s screen will act as a monitor of PS4. Let us discuss all these aspects in detail.

What is Remote Play?

It is an application that controls your Playstation from Windows 10 as well as remotely. You can play and stream PS4 and PS5 games with remote play. It allows switching between games, and you can also view the home screen of your console.

The remote play feature is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment that allows the PS3, PS4, and PS5 to send its audio and video output to another device.

How to play PS4 on a laptop through a video capture card and HDMI?

In case if your laptop does not meet the essential requirements for remote play, then no need to worry. Because we have a solution for this problem and it’s very simple.

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First of all, you need to connect your Laptop to the PS4. For this purpose, you will need a video capture card and HDMI cable. Following are the things you should have to make your laptop work as a monitor.

  • Laptop.
  • Video capture card.
  • HDMI cable.
  • Internet connection.
  • File sharing enabled.

Building a connection:

Make sure all the previously mentioned things are available.

First of all, enable the file-sharing option and for this purpose, go to the PS4 settings tab. Then go to the network setting and select internet connection. Now from there, choose your internet router and connect the PS4 to the internet.

Connect the video capture card to your laptop using a USB port. One thing to remember here is that it is essential to install software and drivers for your card. It will make your card function properly and smoothly.

Now link the card with the PS4 console by making an S-video connection via a connection cable. Now plug the INside of the HDMI to your video capture card while HDMI is OUT to your PS4.

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At last, launch the video capture software on your laptop and turn on the PS4. After opening the software, it will automatically search your PS4. Then a stable connection is built, and hence your laptop screen starts displaying the PS4 screen.

Run your software in full-screen mode so that you won’t face any problem with resolution.

How to Play PS4 Games on PC without Remote play?

Now you know very well how to use your laptop as a monitor. Let’s move forward.

It is important to keep in mind that your laptop should have a video input card. Because there is no chance of streaming or playing without it. So what if your laptop has no built-in video card? The solution to this issue is a capture card.

Any capture card such as Elgato will solve all problems and allow you to use a laptop screen as a monitor. If there is no capture card available, we suggest you purchase the card first and then proceed to the next steps.

Another important thing is USB 3.0, which means that your laptop must have a USB Type-A to Type-C port converter. In case if your laptop has a USB Type-C port, then you don’t require a converter.

When all these requirements are available, then follow the below-written steps.

Download the desktop application of your capture from its official website. You will easily find the links for both Mac and Windows.

Then connect your laptop to the PS4 via an HDMI cable. There is a USB-Type C port available on the capture card. This port sends video signals to the monitor.

Now connect your capture card to your laptop. For this purpose, you will connect both via USB-Type C to USB-Type A convertor.

Then open the capture app which you have downloaded. It will take some seconds to receive and accept signals.

Now you are fully prepared to play PS4 games on PC without remote play.

Things you should keep in mind:

Some important things to remember when playing PS4 games on a laptop without remote play are:

Using a keyboard for input will be slow, and you will not get faster response and efficiency like your console controller. The keyboard will only work faster in case there is no controller connected.

Good news! There is no need for high-class and advanced laptops for this purpose. Your laptop will act just like a monitor, while your PS4 will work as a primary device. So for this purpose, any regular laptop is fine enough.


So after reading this whole article, you know how to play PS4 games on PC without remote play. Therefore, you can now enjoy gaming on the PS4 using a keyboard. In this case, your laptop acts as a PS4 monitor.

The best thing in this process is that the keyboard will act as your input device. Using a remote controller for all games does not provide a fantastic experience.

Most gamers prefer a keyboard for more enjoyable gaming. And, as we discussed the simple procedure above, everyone can easily use a keyboard.

Another important thing to notice in this process is that there is no need for a heavy specification laptop. A laptop with primary specs is good enough to play PS4 games without remote play.

Hope you will find this article helpful. So, get ready to enjoy your favorite PS4 games on your PC.

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