How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

PS4 is the new version after PS3, and no doubt, it is an extraordinary change in the gaming world. Many new changes can be observed in terms of controls, designs, controllers, and aesthetics. The new replacements made to the PS4 controller are exceptional, making it superior compared to other consoles. The perfect combination of quality, price, looks, and great compatibility features of the PS4 provides a perfect gaming experience. Besides original ones, there are other controllers also available on the market. They also offer good gaming performance in some specific games.

Every individual has his own thoughts about the best controller. Some like themed controllers, some prefer fully transparent, some go for colorful, and some like vibrating controllers. A lot of people ask how to make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously? So here, we are going to answer this popular question, and we’ll explain every step of this topic.

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

There is no built-in vibration function in the PS4 controller, but you can make it vibrate continuously through these steps.

iVibrate application

iVibrate is a cross-platform downloadable application that is available in Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can easily vibrate any Xbox 360 controller, PS4, Xbox One, and any other gamepad controller continuously with the iVibrate application.

In order to make your gaming PS4 controller vibrate, you have to connect it to your PC. Then download the driver application on your PC.

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After downloading the iVibrate application, install it.

Now move this iVibrate app to the gaming console.

After moving the app, you can row run this app and make your controller vibrate continuously.

You can change the intensity of vibration as well as patterns of vibration.

How to enable vibration

Simply follow these steps to enable vibration in the PS4 controller.

  • Go to the settings from your home screen.
  • Then go to the Device.
  • Enable the vibration from here.

How to disable vibration

Follow these steps in case you want to disable the vibration.

  • Go to the settings from the home screen.
  • The next step is to go to the Device.
  • From there, uncheck the “Enable Vibration.”

Features of Using iVibrate Application

The ultimate version of the iVibrate app is also available on Steam. After purchasing, you will receive the steam key of the iVibrate ultimate edition.

Full Gamepad support

Through your Gamepad, you can also control the iVibrate app easily, even taking your hands off the controller. You can also use a virtual cursor to control and customize all the options which the iVibrate app offers. This Gamepad feature is fully supported in the demo version also.

Steering Wheel support

Enjoy the vibrating feel during the racing game when you are drifting the car. This new steering wheel feature makes your gaming more enjoyable and allows the vibration of the steering wheel right at your command. You can set different vibration patterns according to your desire, and all strengths work very smoothly with your steering wheel. You will get ultimate riding control.

In the demo version of the iVibrate app, a steering wheel feature is also included.

More Accessibility options

iVibrate application is packed with all-new visual options. It allows your controller or gamepad to have a new visual effect at the time when you’re using the app. You can change the background, text, and button colors as you like.

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Any color combination can be made with this feature, and it’s helpful for people who find it difficult to use this app. Now you can make changes and enjoy different looks. Those people who have dyslexia can use this app easily by changing its font style and font size.

Vibration Patterns

The iVibrate application comes with a new vibration pattern. It allows the user to choose any random vibration pattern comfortably.

This app will change the vibration after every round and randomizes the vibration pattern. As a result, the user receives new vibrating patterns while gaming. This provides great fun and enjoyment during the game.

There are no limitations to set the limited vibrating patterns. iVibrate app allows you to make vibrating patterns of your own choice which suit your gaming taste and vibes. It provides full control of the vibration algorithm.

On-Screen controls

You can now very simply and easily control the gamepads and controller on the screen. There is no need to use your PS4 controller or gamepads to change mode, vibration patterns, and strengths. Every task can easily be done from the screen.

Wireless Gamepad support

This app makes you free from dangling cords and falling out of USB cords during the game, which is very annoying. The iVibrate app offers wireless gamepad support via Bluetooth to make you play with ultra-convenience.

Gamepad recognition

The iVibrate app recognizes the name of the connected gamepad instantly. You will not get confused using two or more controllers at the same time. It tells you which controller is in use now.

PS4 battery indicator

Don’t worry about the battery life of your PS4 controller or gamepad while you are gaming. The iVibrate application displays the level of your battery on the screen. Not only this, but it also shows a red flashlight to show that the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

The iVibrate app has a lot of other features, including Linux support, a Dual locking system, and Hot-swap controller, etc.


So in this guide, we have discussed in detail “How to make PS4 vibrate continuously”. There is only one way to vibrate your PS4 continuously, and it is through the iVibrate application. As there is no built-in vibrating facility in any PS4, so this is the only method you have to apply. The iVibrate app has 23 vibrating patterns, and you can create the pattern of your choice as well. It is a useful driver app with a lot of features and functions. You can also purchase its ultimate version to enjoy more new features. Its demo version provides some basic vibrating facilities.


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