How To Install Shaders In Minecraft? 2022

Shaders are something that makes Minecraft more interesting and colorful. The question is: How to install Shaders in Minecraft? Today we will discuss the answer to this question because many people don’t know the installation process of Shaders. Minecraft doesn’t look attractive at first glance.

It resembles the world of Legos with sharp blocks placed by the huge stick figures. This is the main reason that thousands of Minecraft players have tried their best in order to make the shaders.

Shaders completely change the working of lighting in Minecraft. It sounds very simple but completely converts what the game looks like earlier. Once you play the Minecraft game with shaders, you will be astonished how I played without them before.

Shaders are used to improve the visual elements and enhance the colors of the game. Different shaders provide different effects. Therefore, choose the ones which fit your preferences.

How To Install Shaders In Minecraft?

In this guide, we are going to discuss how to install shaders in Minecraft as well as all its related terms. Let’s discuss this interesting matter in detail.

First, you must install “Optifine”:

To get started, you need to launch Minecraft 1.16.5 just once. First of all, open the Minecraft launcher.

Make sure you click on the bottom of the interface where it says “Latest release”. If you have any other profiles selected, make sure to over to the latest release where it says 1.16.5.

Then simply click, “Play”.

Then once you have reached the main menu, you can just click, “Quit game”.

Here we are in Minecraft 1.16.5. Now just click “Quit game”.

Now we can actually start downloading and installing “Optifine” for Minecraft 1.16.5.

Go ahead and open up your browser or just use any links if you have to download Optifine.

Go over to and once it opens, go to the downloads from there.

Select Minecraft 1.16.5 and click on the “Download”.

Once you click the download button, you will be redirected to an ad page where you just have to wait five seconds for a “skip” button to appear on the top. Then just click that.

Then click the download button again and downloading will be started.

Once the download is finished, if it is a “.jar” file, Chrome will always tell you to either keep or discard the file. Just install this app and in case it is not opening, then you have to install “Jar fakes”. But if you have java already installed then just download and install “Jarfix.exe”.

Go to your downloads and install “Optifine”. After successful installation of Optifine, now we will download and install shaders for Minecraft.

Note: You must install the Optifine version that matches your Minecraft version.

How to install Shaders in Minecraft:

After installing Optifine, what we are going to do is to download the shaders. Downloading any shader of your choice is more than easy.

We are going to download BSL shaders from “”. You can do this tutorial for any other shader as well.

Open the BSL shade download page, scroll down to where it says, Minecraft 1.16.5.

Just click the download icon and it will direct you to the download page. Wait for five seconds and your download will start automatically.

Now go to the desktop and what you’ll do next is to launch Minecraft with Optifine.

Once Minecraft with Optifine is opened, make sure to select the profile that says Optifine. If you can’t find it down here, go over to the installation where it should say, “Optifine” in a profile that has 1.16.5-Optifine. Just click “play” right there and wait for it to load. Then, you can actually add the BSL shader to it.

Now come to Minecraft and it will say modded. This is because we have added Optifine.

To check whether the installation was successful, come over to the options in video settings. If you take a look at all the settings, you will see new buttons and settings.

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If you come over to the “shaders” button, you will see it is pretty empty. It only has the option to turn them off or use an internal shader.

Now to add your shaders, just click “shaders folder”. This will open up the shaderpacks folder.

Drag your shaders in there, don’t unzip them. Most of the people complain that shaders don’t work. The reason is that they unzip and extract here or do something like that. Neither unpack these files nor extract them. Just leave them as zip files.

Now go to the Minecraft window and you will see shaders are already there. Sometimes they don’t appear immediately, you have to click done twice or thrice.

To enable your shaders, just click on them. If you want to customize it or you are fine with default, just click done.

There you go, we have shaders installed. You can see the impressive-looking shaders there to use in the future.

As you have successfully installed Optifine and Shaders of Minecraft 1.16.5., enjoy the game with beautiful shaders.

Best Minecraft Shaders:

There are lots of Shaders available to download but you will get confused on picking them. We are mentioning some of the best shaders for Minecraft to let you select comfortably.

1- Sonic Ether:

It offers a highly realistic lighting effect and also supports ray-tracing if your graphics card supports it too.

2- Minecraft Ore:

Minecraft Ore is the most famous shader pack. It requires low technical specifications.

3- BSL shaders:

BSL shaders also provide a wide range of realistic effects without using much of your PC power.

4- KUDA Shaders:

It is another great choice. Its main feature is great water reflection.

5- Oceano:

This shader pack makes your game warmer with good water effects and colors.


Hopefully, now you have understood how to install Shaders Minecraft to enjoy every moment of your gameplay. These modifications can overall change the atmosphere of the game.

These shaders prove that the right light effect is very crucial to make the game more realistic. The ray-tracing technology is developing day by day and we are waiting to explore excellent shaders in the future. We have mentioned some best shaders and hope you will love using them.

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